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      Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied sciences for women, a part of University of Delhi, is an Twenty Three year old institute offering courses in important vocational disciplines, namely Electronics, Instrumentation, Food Technology, Computer Science and Biomedical Science. The professional courses equip young girls to take up challenging positions in global corporate world.
A distinguished academic faculty, a strong infrastructure and an extensive library help the students to tap their talent and potential. A student body of about 650 drawn from all over the country and the quality of on-campus life makes studying in college a truly learning experience.
The session begins in July and ends in April every year. The main aim of the college is to bridge the gap between University and Industry so that the lacunae due to conventional pure science can be filled in by applied practical training.

    Our vision is :

  • To provide specialized training to women in different fields to help them secure suitable employment.

  • To train young personnel and make them employable in Electronics and Communication industry since women constitute a major work force in these industries.

  • To prepare women in the field of Instrumentation so that they are capable of constructing, fabricating, operating, installing, maintaining and repairing instruments. They are trained in Biomedical techniques so that they get employed in pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and research institute.

  • To groom women as Food Technologists, Production Manager, Food Microbiologist and Quality Control Executives in various hotels, food processing industries, airlines and restaurants.

  • To educate women by giving specialized training in the field of computer sciences and making them capable of handling hardware as well as software.

  • To prepare students to pursue higher education (Masters and Doctoral programmes) or directly enter the job market. The course provides excellent ground work for careers in medical research and entry into academic programmes related to paramedical, health and biotechnology sectors.

    Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women, a prestigious college of University of Delhi which has completed 25 years of glorious existence, offers undergraduate programs, B.Sc. (Hons.) in SBiomedical Science, Computer Science, Electronics, Food Technology and Instrumentation. The College has constantly strived to provide an environment conducive to bringing out the best in our students. The College has state-of-art laboratories, in each department and has established itself as a premier scientific institute in India. The college creates an environment which is competitively intense and intellectually satisfying with comprehensive skills in applied sciences leading to open horizons for creativity. Furthermore, through the synthesis of intense theoretical training, practical skill-based understanding and constant interaction with industry, the college has been creating future leaders in the field of Applied Sciences. The students are not just given problems to solve, but are also involved in developing the experiments conducted in the Labs. The College is committed to bestowing adequate knowledge to students to train them to think and work logically, develop a spirit of enquiry, inculcate scientific temper, impart skills and make an individual relate knowledge to real life situations wherein value judgment is important in making decision. The college is fortunate to have outstanding faculty of dedicated academicians/ professionals committed to student success. The teachers strive to empower students to achieve academic excellence, develop a curiosity for lifelong learning and engage in the world around them. The college curriculum has been dynamically aligned to the needs and aspirations of the industry to ensure that students not just imbibe academic concepts but develop the analytical and decision-making skills to be the leaders in the competitive professional environment. It has certain critical attributes. It is interdisciplinary, project-based, and research-driven. It is connected to the requirements of the society and industry – local, state, national and global. The curriculum incorporates higher order thinking skills, multiple intelligences, technology and multimedia. The curriculum and instructions are designed to challenge all students, and provides for differentiation. The curriculum is not only textbook-driven or fragmented, but is thematic, project-based and integrated. Skills and content are not taught as an end in themselves, but students learn them through their research and application in their projects. Textbooks, are just one of many resources. The college has produced large number of alumni who are serving the nation with distinction in various fields. Our Alumni have reached the high echelons in various industries, securing challenging and highly paid positions in top ranking companies/organisations in India and abroad. The College has a very active linkage with industries right from its inception and has impeccable campus placement records. The abilities of our students are well recognised and our recruiters find them very competent. The feedback received from the industries regarding competence, dedication and skills of our Alumni makes us proud.
    I wish the new entrants of the college the very best in all their pursuits.

Dr. Payal Mago

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