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    The department of Biomedical Science is equipped with four sophisticated laboratories named as Biotechnology Laboratory, Microscopy Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory and a Research laboratory. All the laboratories are well equipped with latest State of Art equipment like: UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, UV Transilluminator, Horizontal and Vertical Electrophoresis assemblies, ELISA Reader, Bio safety cabinets, CO2 Incubator, Inverted Microscope, Rotary Evaporator, Autoclaves, Electronic Balance, Digital pH meter, Ice flaking Machine, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Orbital Shaking Incubator, Microtome, Western Blot apparatus, Deep Freezer (-20oC), Thermo cycler (PCR machine), Microscopes, Physiological Data Acquisition System etc.
 The department has a well-equipped culture room for microbial cultures.
 The laboratory infrastructure of the department has left no stone unturned to provide the students with the latest instruments. Department tries to provide a “mini research” platform to the developing young and creative minds.

Courses: Biomedical Science

Syllabus: CBCS
Syllabus: FYUP
Syllabus: Semester

Faculty Members

1. Dr. Radhika Bakhshi [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
2. Dr. Shruti Banswal [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
3. Dr. Varsha Mehra [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
4. Dr. Saquib Ansari [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
5. Dr. Indu Arora [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
6. Dr. Manisha Khatri [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
7. Dr. Safdar Ali [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile

    The Computer Science Department had its inception in 2004.Located on second floor of new building, it provides a seamless working environment for nurturing the future software professionals. The department has five computer labs of which three labs are well equipped with latest computer configuration "Intel core Quad CPU" with 4 GB RAM, 64 bit operating system with Wi-Fi connectivity. Lab has Laptops (Dell/HCL), laser printers, color laser printers and scanners. Each lab has LCD projectors which are used as a teaching aid for seminars and presentations. Department has latest software like Turbo C++, Oracle 10Gi, Strawberry Prolog, Multimedia Tools, Red Hat Linux, Java, Visual Studio, Developer 2000, Windows NT Server, Fortran 90 etc. To enhance the spirit of research work among students the labs are equipped with internet facility to provide e-journals to the students. Laboratory network is further equipped with Cisco 2900 series routers, Cisco 1900 switches 24 Port full duplex, Baystack 425 24 T switches, 16 pot hubs, cable testers etc.
  Computer Science department has one specialized CCNA lab as well where students are given hands on training about Cisco routers, switches, bridges etc. Department also has various utility rooms like programmer room, server room, departmental library, UPS room, teaching rooms and technical staff room.
  Department has skilled lab staff which includes a scientific assistant, technical assistant, lab assistants and lab attendant to manage the lab work efficiently.

Courses: Computer Science

Syllabus: BSc Computer Science
Syllabus: BTech Computer Science[3rd year]

Faculty Members

1. Dr. Suruchi Chawla [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
2. Ms. Deepali Bajaj [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
3. Dr. Aakanksha [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
4. Ms. Urmil Bharti [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
5. Ms. Tina Sachdeva [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
6. Ms. Jhankar Tyagi [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
7. Ms. Asha Yadav [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
8. Ms. Seema Yadav [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
7. Mr. Sumit [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]

Food Technicians at work

    Department of Food Technology, with the input of skilled teaching and technical staff, excellent infrastructure facilities, a uniquely designed curriculum and intense industrial interaction, has done an outstanding job of producing nearly 300 Food Technologists who are presently occupying positions as quality control analysts, R & D managers, marketing managers, food microbiologist in Food Industries. They have also pursued higher studies as M.Sc, M.Tech, MBA in area of Food Bio - Tech etc.
  The department has fully equipped and spacious laboratories and pilot plants. It has Food Analysis laboratory, Bakery Unit,Canning Unit, Food Microbiology and nutrition laboratory. Food analysis laboratory is quite spacious and is provided with Moisturometer, Solar cooker, Pentrometer, Hydrometer, Viscometer, Deep freezer; ABBES refractrometer Soxhlet mixer blender, Food processor, Dehydrator, Muffle furnace, Quartz double distillation apparatus, Sartorius balance, Tray drier orcet, CO2 analyser, Polarimeter, Bombealorimeter, Magnetic vibrator, Lovibond tintometer, Electrical balance, Microwave oven, OTG Oven, Cooking ranges, Conductivity meter, pH Meter, Gerber butyrometer, Kjeldahl unit, Ballmiller, Digital moisturometer and Vacuum evaporator. Bakery unit is housed in separate spacious room and is provided with Baking oven, Plantary dough kneader, Bread slicer, Dough sheeter, Bun cutter, Portable dough kneader, Sugar grinding mill, Kitchen aid mixer and Industrial dough kneader. A fully functional canning unit is provided with Can body reformer, Can flanger, Double seamer & Bottle sealer. Food microbiology lab is quite spacious and provided with Autoclave, Shaker incubator, BOD incubator, Bacteriological incubator, Sartorious electronics balance, Laminar flow, Refrigerator, Electronic colony counter.

Courses: Food Technology

Syllabus: BSc Food Technology
Syllabus: BTech Food Technology[3rd year]

Faculty Members

1. Dr. Ranjana Singh [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
2. Dr. Deepa Joshi [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
3. Ms. Para Dholakia [Assistant Professor-Senior Scale, Teacher-in-charge (2015-2017)] ...View Profile
4. Ms. Saumya Chaturvedi [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
5. Ms. Shikha Goel [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
6. Ms. Chaynika Verma [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
7. Ms. Vandana [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile

Tinkering with instrumemts

    The Department of Instrumentation was established in the year 1989 with a mission to create blend of Life Sciences, Electronics and new advancements in the field of Instruments that promotes Scientific Discovery and Development of New Technologies through Research and education. The Focus of the Department is on the correlation between various fields like Life sciences, Electronics and Instrumentation, and their advancement day by day.
  The Department has developed modern research facility and infrastructure to support the teaching and research activities. The Department has three major laboratories based on curriculum: Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory supported by a Wet Laboratory, Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory and Electronics Instrumentation Laboratory.


  The Analytical laboratory is well equipped with HPLC, GLC, Karl Fischer Titrator, Microprocessor controlled pH meter, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Photometer, Flame Photometer, FTIR Spectrophotometer and Rotary Vacuum Evaporator.


  The Biomedical Laboratory has biomedical kits which are used to measure EEG, ECG, EMG etc., ELISA reader, Biochemistry Analyzer, Biomedical Scanner and PCR machine.


  To support the revised semester course of B.Sc(H) Instrumentation, the department is in the process of setting its Electronic-Instrumentation laboratory with various Transducer Kits, Microprocessor Kits and Industrial Instrumentation setup.

Courses: Instrumentation

Syllabus: BSc Instrumentation Syllabus: BTech Instrumentation[3rd year]

Faculty Members

1. Ms. Daya Bhardwaj [Assistant Professor-Senior Scale] ...View Profile
2. Dr. Sneha Kabra [Assistant Professor-Senior Scale] ...View Profile
3. Ms. Himani Dua Sehgal [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
4. Ms. Neha Garg [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
5. Ms. Ritu Jain [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile

    The department was established in the year 1989 to cater to various courses viz. Electronics, Instrumentation, Food Technology and Biomedical Sciences. The laboratories are well equipped with basic and advanced instruments such as Microscopes, pH Meter, Oven, Microwave Oven, Incubators, Shakers, Centrifuge, Electronic Balances, Microtome, Autoclave, Laminar Air Flow Cabinet, Biochemistry Analyzer, PCR Machine etc. The department has a media and culture room and also tissue culture facility.
    The department conducted a workshop on “Maintenance of Laboratory Instruments” in collaboration with Western Regional Instrumentation Centre, University of Mumbai, in the year 2003 for college teachers and technical staff. During the workshop participants were asked to bring the faulty instruments from their laboratories, which were repaired before them. A total of 112 faulty instruments were brought and 104 were rectified. Apart from this, theoretical concepts, design, care and maintenance of various laboratory instruments was also undertaken.
    The department has actively participated in organizing science exhibitions and various seminars relating to Industry – University Interaction, Challenges in Applied Sciences etc. It has actively engaged with the major departments in the college for teaching, conducting seminars, workshops, technical fests and other activities.

Faculty Member

Dr. Rekha Mehrotra [Associate Professor] Permanent ...View Profile

    Spectrophotometer and chromatography form the building blocks for the students in polishing their skills for industry as well as research. Biochemistry laboratory has BOD incubator, fraction collector, centrifuges, UV visible spectrophotometer, Electrical and Analytical Balance. Iit is also equipped with Lyophillizer, Vacuum Dessicator, Hot Air Oven, Universal Oven, Electrophoretic Apparatus, Refrigerator, Magnetic Stirrer, Chromatographic Chamber, Electric Tissue Grinder, Spectrophotometer and pH Meter.

Faculty Member

DR. Sadhna Jain [Associate Professor] Permanent ...View Profile

    Titrations and salt analysis are some of the aspects that form the basics of this lab. The students undergo a refreshing exercise to understand the intricacies of chemistry.

    A well-equipped lab wherein the students build their foundation of the principles of physics there by enhancing their scientific temperament. Equipments like He-Ne lasers, polarimeter, vacuum coating unit, electrical bridges etc. and sufficient number of oscilloscope, resistance meters, function generators, power supplies, optical benchers etc. are part of this lab.

    Mathematics Lab is well equipment with 20 high-speed P-IV computers with broadband Internet facility available for students.Lab has a number of mathematical and statistical softwares such as Mathematical Version 5.1 SPSS and Minitab, Lingo toname a few. The Students prepare their projects and Presentations using these Softwares.This year Mathematics Department have purchased five Linksys Wireless -N broadband Integrated routers as well. These wireless routers may also work as access point to design Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) connectivity.

A Course offered by the CISCO Academy

In collaboration with CISCO, the Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) is being held in the college and the college has all women CISCO Local Academy Centre. Through this programme, students are learning how to design, build and maintain computer networks- They develop practical computer networking knowledge. This further aids students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), a worldwide recognized program. A pass out, can either join an industrial unit relating to her discipline or can start her own venture. As a matter of fact the alumni of the college are holding important positions in quite few prestigious business houses. It is a comprehensive e-learning program, which provides students with the internet technology skills essential in a global economy. (We offer the entry level CCNA certificate. The Networking Academy program delivers Web based content, online assessment, student performance tracking, hands-on-labs, instructor training and support and preparation for industry standard certifications.)

Indira Gandhi National Open University Programmes

The IGNOU Centre of college conducts classes for following programmes-

    1. Bachelor of Library & Information Sciences (BLIS)

    2. Masters of Library & Information Sciences (MLIS)

    3. Under Graduate Diploma Course in 'Value added products in fruits and vegetables'. This is the first centre in Delhi to set up a placement cell for securing jobs for its students.

    4. Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN)

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