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1. Dr. Radhika Bakhshi [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
2. Dr. Shruti Banswal [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
3. Dr. Varsha Mehra [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
4. Dr. Saquib Ansari [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
5. Dr. Indu Arora [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
6. Dr. Manisha Khatri [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
7. Dr. Safdar Ali [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile

1. Dr. Suruchi Chawla [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
2. Ms. Deepali Bajaj [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
3. Dr. Aakanksha [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
4. Ms. Urmil Bharti [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
5. Ms. Tina Sachdeva [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
6. Ms. Jhankar Tyagi [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
7. Ms. Asha Yadav [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
8. Ms. Seema Yadav [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]
9. Mr. Sumit [Assistant Professor, ad-hoc]

1. Dr. Ranjana Singh [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
2. Dr. Deepa Joshi [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
3. Ms. Para Dholakia [Assistant Professor-Senior Scale, Teacher-in-charge (2015-2017)] ...View Profile
4. Ms. Saumya Chaturvedi [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
5. Ms. Shikha Goel [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
6. Ms. Chaynika Verma [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
7. Ms. Vandana [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile

1. Ms. Daya Bhardwaj [Assistant Professor-Senior Scale] ...View Profile
2. Dr. Sneha Kabra [Assistant Professor-Senior Scale] ...View Profile
3. Ms. Himani Dua Sehgal [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
4. Ms. Neha Garg [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile
5. Ms. Ritu Jain [Assistant Professor] ...View Profile

Dr. Rekha Mehrotra [Associate Professor] Permanent ...View Profile

DR. Sadhna Jain [Associate Professor] Permanent ...View Profile

1. Mr. Rishi Kumar [Lab Assistant]

2. Mr. Prabhat [Lab Assistant]

3. Mr. Deepak [Lab Attendant]

4. Mr. Naresh [Lab Attendant]

1. Mr. K. P. Tripathi [Lab Assistant]

2. Ms. G. Vijaya [Technical Assistant]

3. Mr. Manoj Sharma [Lab Assistant]

4. Ms. Payal Bhatia [Sr. Technical Assistant, ad-hoc]

5. Mr. Manoj Sharma [Lab Attendant, Contract]

6. Mr. Anshul Pandat [Lab Attendant, Contract]

1. Ms. Savitri Gupta [Technical Assistant]

2. Mr. Manohar Lal [Lab Assistant]

3.Mr. Vijaynandan [Office Attendant]

4. Mr. Shiv Prasad [Lab Attendant]

1. Ms. Sweta Arya [Technical Assistant]

2. Mr. Tofiq Ali [Lab Assistant]

3. Mr. Ashok Rai [Lab Attendant]

4. Mr. Manish Rekhari [Lab Attendant]

Mr. Satinder Rawat [Lab Assistant]

1. Mr. Prem Pal Singh [Technical Assistant]

2. Mr. Deep Chandra Bhatt [Lab Attendant]

Staff Council

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