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Bonafide students of Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women(SRCASW).


There are 107 seats on twin/triple sharing basis.

Reservation of Seats

Admission to Hostel will be according to the University of Delhi norms.     Seats are distributed among the students of all the three years course-wise. The seats are reallocated if found vacant, as per the decision taken by the Hostel Committee.     In case of change of course, students will have to reapply for the Hostel.

Eligibility Criteria

Preferences shall be given to regular outstation students of SRCASW based on the distance from the college.     Eligibility for admission to the hostel is based on academic merit, similar to admission to the course. Admission to the hostel, however is finalised after an interview with the candidate, her parents and the local guardian.


All students seeking re-admission or admission to the hostel should submit their application on the prescribed forms along with a fresh declaration regarding their parent's residential address at the beginning of each academic year.


Candidates must submit the duly filled hostel application form to the college office before the last date. A self-attested photocopy of the following documents must be submitted along with the hostel application form:
        >The college admission fee receipt.
        >Mark sheet* of the last examination passed.
        >Residence proof issued by a competent local authority. The certificate could be from the District Magistrate or an Affidavit / a copy of Passport / copy of Aadhar card/ Ration card / Driving license / Electricity bill /Telephone bill can be considered as proof of residence.
*Students seeking re-admission should submit the mark sheets of both the semesters of previous year examination passed.

Medical Facilities

All cases of illness must be immediately reported to the warden / matron.
        >Hostel has a First Aid Room with all basic medicines, BP machine, weighing machine and nebulizer.
        >All cases of serious illness shall be referred to the nearest hospital. The local guardian will be duly informed and will have to take charge of the resident within twelve hours of imitation.

Sports Facilities

Hostel residents interested in sports may avail the sports facilities of the college during the timings as permitted by the warden.

Hostel Fee Structure (Annual)

Particulars Amount (Rs.)
Caution Money (Refundable) 10,000.00
Admission Fees 1,000.00
Development Fee 15,000.00
Room Charges 5,000.00
Other Amenities 8,000.00
Maintenance 8,000.00
Activities 2,000.00
Total 55,000.00

Mess Charges: Rs. 30,000.00 per year

*Additional Annual Charges for using Cooler: Rs. 3000.00
Annual Electricity Charges for using Room Convector: Rs. 3000.00

*The college authorities reserve the right to increase electricity charges before prior notice if the rates are revised.
*Mess charges are liable to change.


The hostel can accommodate 107 students in rooms built to accommodate 2-3 students in each room. Each resident is provided with a bed, one built-in wardrobe / almirah, one study table, a hair and a book-shelf.
    Residents are required to bring their own mattress, pillow cover, quilt, blanket, bed linen, towel, bucket, coffee mug, glass, spoon, thermos flask, torch, hot water bottle, thermometer, lock and key, duster and utensils, etc.

Floor-wise Amenities

Laundry Room: The hostel has one laundry room with a fully automatic washing machine on each floor. The hostel also has one ironing with one iron, table and dari on each floor.
Pantry:The hostel has one pantry on each floor with one induction plate, microwave oven and fridge in common room.
Wash Room:Five on each floor.


The mess is run by a caterer on contract basis. The hostel ensures nutritious and wholesome meals. The hostel committee along with student representatives of mess committee will oversee the quality and nutrition content of the food served in the mess.

Visitor’s Room

Resident may receive her relatives and friends in the visitor’s room. The timings for visitors are:

4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. : On all working days
10:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. : On Sundays and other gazetted holidays

Visitors must sign and fill up pertinent columns of their visitor’s book each time they are visiting.

Common Room

There is a students’ common room equipped with recreational facilities such as television, carom board, chess, etc. It is the venue for residents to carry out activities like recitals, debates and discussions.

1. The leaves that a resident can avail are the following:
  a. Local Guardian Leave - Weekend (Saturday/Sunday)and Gazetted holidays
  b. Home Leave - Vacations
  c. Late night Leave (up to 10.00 p.m.) - 4 times a month
  d. Night-out Leave (to LGs) - 2 times a month

2. All types of leave have to be made in advance in dated application letters to the Warden. Undated letters will not be entertained. No leave can be taken until the application has been sanctioned by Warden or Principal.

3. Residents may please note that they will be granted only those leaves for which their parents have given approval. Parents must specify whether late night/night out leaves is to be granted to their daughter and note that the college shall not be responsible for the responsible for the resident when she is outside the College Campus.

4. All students have to be back in the hostel by 7.00 p.m. and attend the roll call every day except when they are granted late leave or overnight leave. Unaccounted for absence during 7.00 p.m. attendance will be punished with Fines and Expulsion from hostel.

5. No students should leave the hostel after 7.00 p.m. roll call. Violation of this rule will be severely punished.

Grant of Leave

1. Residents may be permitted to stay out late i.e. 10.00 p.m. or overnight (at LG’s place) on Saturdays, Sundays and University holidays.

2. Applications for such leave must be made before 6.00 p.m. on the previous day to the Warden.

3. Only four late night leaves and two overnight stay (at LG’s place) on week days per month will be permitted. Permission to stay overnight in any place other than the LG’s place will not be granted unless due request for such leave comes from parents.

4. Late leave on week days will be granted only under exceptional circumstances by the warden at her discretion.

5. Outstation leave will be given only on confirmation from the parents and with the permission of the Principal. The same applies to leave for the vacation periods. If a resident goes on leave, she has to return to hostel on the expiry of the leave. Any extension of leave (only due to medical emergency) has to be countersigned by the parents. Under no circumstance can the resident leave station prior sanction from the warden.

6. If a resident leaves station without prior sanction of the Warden, no subsequent letter from parent will be accepted and the resident will be expelled from the hostel.

7. Every leave applied for and sanctioned has to be entered in the appropriate leave application book.

8. Students are required to sign in a register (daily leave register) every time they leave the hostel premises (except for attending classes) and to fill in the required details and sign again in the same register when they come back. Any resident found leaving or entering the hostel without having signed the register is liable to be fined or expelled.

9. Before leaving the hostel complex residents will ensure the following:
  a. Proper entries have been made in the concerned register.
  b. Proper permission has been obtained from the Hostel Warden.
  c. Leave Record Application form duly signed by the Warden/Matron has to be obtained while proceeding for leave.

    Residents are expected to follow the hostel / college rules both in letter and spirit. All violations of rules will be strictly punished with fines and / or expulsion from the hostel and college. Re-admission into the hostel will be denied to those found guilty of previous violations and disciplinary action will be initiated against offenders.

The college reserves the right to revise, modify or change any of these regulations. Residents are required to abide by all instructions announced / displayed from time to time.

In case, parents of students change their residence, she should immediately inform the hostel office in writing so that her eligibility can be verified afresh. Suppression of information will invite disciplinary action.

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